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Welcome to EDKAHE Construction and Real Estate PLC

EDKAHE Real Estate Developer PLC is an engaged in real-estate business; builds Commercial and residential apartment. It was founded in 2020 with different development sites located within and around Addis Ababa. The head office is found in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Bole Sub-city, ABCO building 1st floor, office number 2210B.

The company builds luxurious, affordable and spacious apartments for selling as well as rental properties. Currently we are expanding our sites to many locations within Addis Ababa.

Project name -2B+G+10 Apartment building

Site Bulbula House hold unit -120 units
Area 3000 meter square

Project name -B+G+6 Apartment building

Site sumit House hold unit -24 units,12 two bed room and 12 three bed room
Plot area 500 meter square

Project name -2B+G+6 mixed use building

Site Atlas House hold unit -12 units,12 three bed room
Plot area 230 meter square