About Us


Welcome to Rimon General Trading PLC

Rimon General Trading PLC was established in 2005 E.C [2013 G.C]. The company was formed as a private limited company with the visionary aim of taking Rimon to a greater level and the company was established as a family business.

Rimon was established with a capital of ETB 300,000 [USD 10,000]. The main business focus, back then when it was established revolved around exporting of live animals and it has grown to a business with capital of Birr 82.7 million [USD 1.65 million]. The number of employees, office facility, asset, good will and brand equity has grown tremendously as well. Statistically the above has grown by nearly 300% since its establishment back in 2005 E.C [2013 G.C].

The annual turnover of Rimon has grown from Birr 31.42 million [USD 500,000] to Birr 1.594 billion [USD 31.89 million] in six years period of time. Rimon has shown average increment of 83% per annum during the last five years (2017 -2021 G.C) and the total asset size of Rimon has shown an annual average increment 126% during the same period. In line with the above growth, the number of employees, brand and goodwill of the company have grown proportionately.

Rimon exports its products to countries like KSA [Kingdom of Saudi Arabia], Yemen and Egypt. Rimon has also moved from mere export of live animal to the export of Chat, sesame and import of various items including raw materials, chemicals, packaging materials, aluminum, iron road, vehicles, machineries, spare parts, edible oil, house hold items, medical equipment’s and food items. The business has also made concentric and conglomerate diversifications by moving into real estate development, electric cable manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, mining granite and marble, agriculture, and mineral water production.

The company also engaged in import of various products that have contributed to development and success of its customers and our country as a whole. Currently, an electric cable manufacturing and furniture manufacturing plants are under construction and both companies will commence operation in the next financial year.

Such concentric and conglomerate diversifications will give Rimon all the engulfing strength to generate wealth to the nation and secure long term sustainable profit to the company.

Rimon is legally established organization with strong and fast growing track record. Its head office is located around Bole Square in Addis Ababa in front of Brass Hospital second floor of Bole ABCO building.

Our Mission

To provide high quality products and services to the customer with highly skilled professionals and keep sustainable competitive advantage in all the diversified business conglomerates so it can add tremendous value on its internal and external customers and stakeholders.

Rimon is committed in adding value over the export of live animals where it plans to provide state of the art export abattoir in the near future. Rimon takes the mission of growing with its internal and external customers through professional and dedicated aim of delighting customers. Rimon’s mission is to grow in a diversified but managed way so we can bring sustainable profitability to the company and contribute its share for the growth and development of Ethiopia.

Our Vision

To become one of the top reliable business company in Africa by the year 2030.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Team Work
  • Respect
  • Employee Oriented
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Corporate Social Responsibility /CSR/
  • Customer Focused
  • Continuous Improvement