Many argue that as Ethiopia is the leading country in Africa with its large livestock inventory and potential supply base for the live animals’ export, the quality and quantity being exported are not as it would be compared to the stock. In fact, Ethiopia’s major exports of live animals have indeed shown improvements in terms of volume and generating foreign currency. Ethiopia is attaining significant outcome from the export of livestock products, and has been contributing crucial role in the development of nation’s economy.

In the last nine months, the country has exported over 232,228 live animals which included the export of 71,105 cattle, 11,527 camels, and 149,595 sheep and goats. In this export performance, the country has totally earned 58.89 million USD; of which, about 42.72 million USD was from cattle, 6.57 million USD from camels and 9.6 million USD from sheep and goats. Compared with the previous year performance, the number of exported animals and the volume of foreign currency have been reduced by half.

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